Canada’s gay community in crisis

The federal government says the numbers are too low for the federal government to keep up with the sexual-orientation-based discrimination faced by gay and bisexual men.

The government says it will look into whether to change the way it measures sexual-energy use by the public.

The federal Government Accountability Office report, released Tuesday, is a snapshot of what the federal Liberals, who took power in October, are doing in relation to LGBT issues.

It finds that about a third of all federal government workers in the private sector are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender.

The report says the federal average for that group is 16 per cent, and that’s up from 12 per cent in 2006.

It says a higher percentage of federal workers in sectors that make up the gay and lesbian sector than in other sectors are lesbian.

It found that only about 6 per cent of federal employees in the gay-straight alliance, which is a term for a gay and bi couple, are gay or lesbian.

The numbers are so high that the government is taking a closer look at whether to look at how it measures the sexual energy use of its employees.

The Liberal government says its goal is to get an accurate and meaningful measurement of the sexual and gender identity of federal government employees, so they can help the federal and provincial governments better manage the impact of HIV/AIDS and other sexual-health issues.

But the Liberals say the numbers they’re presenting to Canadians are not accurate.

They say they are looking at whether the federal, provincial and territorial governments should consider ways to make the numbers more accurate and consistent across their government departments.

It is the first time the federal Government has addressed the issue in a public forum.

“We have identified the issue of sexual-identity-based disparities in the federal workforce as a potential source of concern for all Canadians,” said an official statement.

“While we have not yet taken a final position on the proposed changes, we have been working with partners in the community and are continuing to gather data on the issue.”

A spokesperson for the Minister of Community and Social Services says the Government is considering all options.

“It’s important to remember that the numbers of people who are lesbian or gay are a small proportion of the total population in Canada, so it’s important that we understand how those numbers relate to overall health, and we’re taking a close look at what this report indicates,” the spokesperson said.

“That said, it is important to note that the number of people in the public sector who are gay is lower than the overall population of Canada.”

The spokesperson says that if the numbers don’t improve, the government will consider changes to the way the government collects data, and will consult with the community.

The statement says that since the numbers were released, “the number of individuals in the Canadian workforce with a sexual orientation or gender identity that is at a higher risk of discrimination has remained relatively stable at 1.9 per cent.”

The government has a new website that includes statistics for sexual orientation and gender-identities.

It includes a link to the federal numbers.

“As part of this ongoing engagement with our communities, the Government of Canada is looking into ways to better measure the impact that sexual-activity-based biases are having on Canadians,” the statement says.

“In addition, as part of our commitment to ensuring that all Canadians can live free from discrimination, we are undertaking research to understand how we can better ensure that all are treated fairly and fairly valued, and in fact, that the Canadian workplace is open to everyone.”


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