Which is the best way to have sex?

David Bowie has spoken out about how sex can be more enjoyable with a partner in the bedroom than a public restroom.

Speaking to the Today show in a new podcast, Bowie said that it was the first time he’d had sex with a woman, and said that the experience was “really, really great”.

He said: “When you’re having sex, and you’re sitting there, and it’s the other person that you’re fucking, you’re just like: ‘That’s the best thing ever’.”

He added: “It’s really intense and you can’t stop thinking about the fucking and it feels so good, it’s like the most wonderful feeling in the world.”

David Bowie on how sex works in the bathroom, and whether he should use condomsIn the latest episode of the podcast, the actor and comedian talks about why he prefers a sex act with a “sexually experienced” partner to a public bathroom, saying that public bathrooms are not the “best place for sex”.

David Bowier also discussed why he would use a condom, and if it’s necessary for a relationship.

Bowie said: “If you’re not having sex with your partner, you don’t need a condom.”

It’s just really great to have it in the back of your mind because, in your mind, you can say, ‘I can’t feel that fucking anymore.

If I’m having sex that’s going to be a bit more exciting’.

“David Bowies thoughts on sex in the public bathroomDavid Bowy says sex in public bathrooms is “very much a sexual experience”David Bowiere said that sex is more enjoyable if it is “not so public”.

The actor said:”I think there are a lot of people who, as we get older, the public bathrooms, the toilets, the water, everything is like a bit of a weird experience for people, they’re not really intimate with each other, you know, it doesn’t feel like it’s that intimate, but it is in some ways.”

Bowie also said that having sex in a public bathtub is more relaxing than with a public toilet, and added:”The only thing you can feel is the warmth of that water, and the water is hot and it gives you the energy to move and get going and you get into that kind of energy.”

David Bowen on sex and masturbationDavid Bowiers thoughts on masturbationDavid Bowen said that masturbating was “just about being relaxed”, and that it’s “not necessarily about orgasming”.

Bowie added: “[Masturbation] is a little bit of an act of self-reliance and self-discipline and just being in a space that’s not quite as intense or as intense as you would like it to be.”

DavidBowie on sex at schoolDavid Bowiest on sex educationDavid Bowyer says that sex education in schools is not sufficientDavid Bowen also talked about how masturbation was “probably” the best sexual experience at school, and stressed that “the idea of having sex” is “more pleasurable than being with a mate”.

DavidBowies thoughts about sex at the schoolDavid Bowen discusses whether masturbation is the most pleasurable way to do itDavid Bowiem says that “sexual arousal” is a “gift” and not a necessity for sexDavid Bowen added: “Sex can be so pleasurable that you feel that you don`t even have to ask for it, you just want to be in that moment and be completely, completely in that space, in that state of being, and having a connection with that feeling.”

Sex is a gift.”

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