The word ‘aggravation’ used in an RTÉ comedy

An RTÉ comedian has been banned from Twitter after he used the word “aggravating” to describe a rape allegation.

The tweet, which was shared more than 200 times on the platform, featured a video of a man telling a story about a rape and then saying “I have a feeling that if you’re a man in Ireland it’s very easy to get raped”.

It went viral on the social networking site.

RTÉ has since banned the comedian for using “offensive and insulting” language, and has also apologised.

The incident has been described as “disgusting” by the former chief executive of the Irish Mental Health Commission.

RTE has also issued an apology.

“The word ‘aggressively’ is offensive to many.

It is not the language of a comedian or broadcaster.

It should not be used to describe sexual assault,” the network said in a statement.

RTI Ireland said the word had been used in the past, and that it was “inappropriate and damaging” to victims of sexual violence.

In an RTI response to the tweet, the organisation said the comedian had not used the “inoffensive” term.

“He had no intention of using the word ‘agree’ to describe the relationship between him and his partner and that is why he used it,” the organisation’s chief executive, Niamh Burchill, said.

We are very clear that it is not acceptable to use such language.” “

A person who uses such language is not only damaging to victims, they are also damaging to the culture of the society.

We are very clear that it is not acceptable to use such language.”

Ms Burchil said the social media giant had already removed the offending tweet from its platform.

RT Ireland’s response was in line with a report published by the Irish Government last month which said the number of rape reports in the country had gone down in the last 12 months.

It said RTÉ had taken steps to address the problem.

“We know that RTÉ is a hugely popular, popular and trusted platform, and the public’s trust in RTÉ continues to increase, and we have implemented significant changes to improve RTÉ’s response to rape,” Ms Bourn said.

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