How to stop your gender-stereotyping self-hate

A woman has written a blog post outlining the best ways to stop yourself from being a sexist asshole.

She wrote that “sexism is real” and “we all know that sexism is bad for everyone” and that men can be sexist as well.

“Men are not inherently better than women in terms of their ability to empathize and to care for others, and we are not born that way,” she wrote.

“It is our choice to be open and honest about our experiences, and that means being aware of the biases we are exposed to, the things we learn about ourselves that reinforce them, and the ways in which our brains and minds work in ways that can perpetuate sexist thinking.”

“We must not let our feelings of hurt and discomfort be our excuse for doing nothing.”

The post is one of many published by people who have faced sexism.

In March, a Canadian university student was banned from class for wearing a “girlie” skirt.

“The fact that it is a school issue and the school is taking the issue seriously and taking the appropriate steps to respond is an indication that sexism does exist and is not just a female issue,” wrote the student in a blog titled “This Is Not OK.”

“I don’t know how we can get away from sexism.

We have to face it head on and work to change it.

It is the least that we can do.”

In July, a man was banned for making sexist remarks about the female co-founder of a local tech company.

The man told the CBC that his wife was a “slut” and had to be punished.

The CBC reported that a male employee was fired in March for making the comments.

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