‘Crazy for Love’: How Miley Cyrus’ sexuality has changed her life

“When we started the show, I was so naive and thought I was just a kid from L.A.,” she said.

“But I’ve learned a lot, and now I know that I’m a really special person, and that there’s a lot more to me than just that.”

When she was 14, Cyrus was raped by her stepfather, who threatened to kill her if she didn’t marry him, but she didn�t give in.

“I was so afraid of it,” she said of the ordeal.

“It scared me so much.”

“Crazy is the first song I wrote and I’m happy to share it with you, because it�s one of the best songs I�ve ever written,” she added.

“If you listen to the lyrics, you can see the pain and the pain of me getting raped.

But it also makes me think about how much we�re missing out on, because so many people are still having these experiences.”

Cyrus also shares her story of finding out she was gay when she was 16.

She says her mother tried to hide her sexual orientation and her dad was supportive, but when she told him she was a lesbian, he was outraged.

“I didn�triggered the thing, because I was like, �Why do you want to know my sexuality?�� he said.

Cron�s mother is gay and her father is not.

When the song was released in 2012, Cyrus had an online petition started, but it only garnered 2,000 signatures.

“There are so many different places for me, and I�m just so grateful that people are listening to it.””

[My] life has changed and I have been able to find comfort in this space,” she told HuffPost.

“There are so many different places for me, and I�m just so grateful that people are listening to it.”

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