Which male sexual fantasies do you have?

There are more than one million men and women on the planet, with many having multiple sexual fantasies.

But according to a new study by researchers from the University of Sydney, the most common sexual fantasies are fantasies of penetration, masturbation, cunnilingus and sex with a stranger.

“The vast majority of men and some women have at least one sexual fantasy that is very similar to a fantasy that might be found in a film or novel,” said Dr Sam Fergus, who led the study.

“Our study suggests that many of these men and many women have very similar sexual fantasies, and it could be because they are all in the same fantasy world, which is why we can’t identify a distinct difference between them.”

While the study found that men had a greater preference for male-dominated fantasies, the research also revealed that some women had more common fantasies about women.

“Women are more likely to have fantasies of male-dominant relationships, but in many cases, the women’s fantasies involve only one partner and the male partner is the dominant partner,” Dr Fergus said.

“We know that many women are attracted to men who have more complex and dominant relationships, and in that sense, it’s not surprising that women tend to prefer male-oriented fantasies.”

For men, the more complex relationships tended to involve a more dominant partner.

“These fantasies involve the dominant male as the dominant sexual partner,” said Professor Tom Mihalovic, from the Department of Psychology at the University.

“What’s interesting is that this doesn’t mean they are necessarily about having sex with that dominant male.”

“The fantasies are not only about sex with the dominant man, they also involve the woman as the initiator.”

But Dr Mihalo said it could also be the case that the dominant female partner in a fantasy was not necessarily the dominant one.

“If there are multiple dominant women in the fantasy world,” Dr Muhalo said, “that can lead to different kinds of fantasies.”

“There’s no question that fantasies involving multiple dominant partners can lead you to a different type of fantasy about how you would like to be penetrated or masturbated.”

Professor Tom Muhalovic from the department of Psychology said that fantasies could be related to the relationship between the dominant and submissive partners.

“There are some other things that may be relevant, but we are talking about the general fantasy about the dominant or submissive partner being penetrated or used for pleasure,” Professor Mihale said.

He said that women’s and men’s sexual fantasies could also vary depending on the person they were exploring with.

“It could be that the women are thinking of the person being penetrated in a different way than the man, and vice versa,” Professor Tom said.

“It’s all about the context.”

Dr Muhale said that many people have different sexual fantasies and it was important to work with people to help them find their own.

“As people get older, they tend to develop more sexual fantasies themselves, and they may find that the fantasies that they have in the bedroom are different to what they have when they are out in public,” he said.

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