‘It is very disturbing’: New findings on male circumcision

New research suggests that men circumcised by circumcision are more likely to be sexually perverted. 

The findings are based on a large national survey that was published online on Monday in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. 

A study in the British Medical Journal found that men who had been circumcised as infants had a higher risk of developing sexual difficulties and sexual dysfunction. 

More: The researchers said that the study’s findings could have implications for the practice of circumcision in general. 

“Although these findings have not been replicated, they may be useful in understanding the incidence of childhood sexual abuse and to better understand how sexual dysfunction is treated in the general population,” they wrote. 

Researchers examined data from the National Child Sexual Abuse Study (NCAS), a nationwide survey of about 40,000 American boys, between 1981 and 2014. 

They also looked at the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) and the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS), a survey of more than 6,300 people that has been collecting data on sexually abusive behavior for nearly 40 years. 

Using the BRFSS, researchers compared rates of childhood abuse and sexual problems to levels of reported sexual activity. 

For each age group, researchers examined the likelihood of reporting a specific incident of sexual abuse, and the risk of that abuse or dysfunction among men who underwent circumcision. 

It found that the odds of a specific sexual abuse were about twice that of a general population. 

These findings are consistent with a number of previous studies that have found that circumcision is associated with a higher rate of sexual problems. 

In the BRNIS survey, the researchers found that a greater proportion of boys who had not received circumcision in infancy reported having experienced some form of sexual violence. 

However, the authors wrote, it is unclear whether this was an isolated event or the result of other risk factors, such as a history of sexual or emotional abuse. 

Other researchers have also found links between circumcision and sexual difficulties. 

Last year, researchers reported that the circumcision rate in the United States increased from 3.9% in 1990 to 8.6% in 2013. 

Circumcision was also associated with higher rates of male-to-female sexual abuse in several studies, and researchers have speculated that this could have contributed to the higher incidence of such abuse in men circumcised at a younger age. 

Despite this, the National Center for Health Statistics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said that they do not recommend routine circumcisions for health reasons. 

Some parents have questioned the link between circumcision, sexual problems and abuse in their children. 

But the authors of the new study said that their study did not examine the health effects of circumcision.

“The only difference between this and previous studies is the inclusion of data from a national survey,” they added.

“The survey itself has a long history of validity and validity has not been questioned by any of the previous studies.”

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