‘It’s a joke’: New York City police officers on sexual harassment hotline

By Jessica De PintoPublished October 08, 2017 05:04:22It is one of the biggest stories of the year.

And it has left New York police officers reeling.

But while some are calling it a joke, others are expressing outrage, wondering what exactly is a joke and what does this mean for the city.

The NYPD is on a sexual harassment crisis hotline.

This is part of the department’s effort to get police officers to stop and speak up about sexual harassment and assault.

The new hotline, set up to assist with the crisis, was launched Monday and has already reached more than 2,500 people, including several officers and one female sergeant.

But now, the NYPD has added an additional 2,700 people, which will likely have more to say.

Some officers have voiced concerns about the new number, including one who said the new hotline “is a joke.”

“I think the NYPD is just trying to put out a message that there’s a lot of problems here and it needs to be addressed, but it’s not going to fix it, ” said Officer Brian Pernick, who is on the sexual harassment patrol.

“I don’t think it’s really necessary to add another 2,000 people to it, but I just think it should be more than just a joke,” he added.

The mayor’s office also called on the city to make changes to its policies for sexual harassment complaints.

In a statement, Mayor Bill de Blasio said the NYPD’s sexual harassment response has not been robust enough, with many officers saying they have received inappropriate comments and suggestions from other officers.

“In the wake of the recent revelations about police misconduct and abuse, we must ensure that our Police Department is equipped with tools to prevent and combat these serious crimes,” the statement said.

“As a community, we cannot continue to allow a culture of sexual harassment or sexual assault to flourish.”

In the past week, the New York Daily News and The New York Post reported on the existence of the NYPD Sexual Harassment and Assault Prevention Unit, a departmental initiative that was launched last year and aims to provide officers with training on the issue.

The program has been under fire since it was revealed that officers had been making inappropriate comments to women and other women, including to a female sergeant who worked with them.

In its statement Monday, the mayor’s administration said that the NYPD will begin “working with police departments across the country to improve and expand the training, training programs, and resources” for its sexual harassment program.

But some officers are concerned about the changes, including an officer who said they should be rolled back.

“You’re going to be asking for some more officers and you’re going a step back from what you have been doing for decades,” said the female sergeant, who requested anonymity.

The city said it was rolling back the training and resources and will begin to create a more transparent and inclusive process for complaints.

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