How to tell if someone has committed sexual exploitation of children

An article in the Irish Times on Wednesday reported on a case of sexual exploitation involving two girls.

In the article, published in the Sunday Independent on Thursday, the reporter spoke to the girls, who were both 14 and 15 years old at the time.

They told the reporter that the boys, who are now 18 and 19, would take them to the beach and touch them sexually and then take them back to their homes.

The boys, they said, would often touch them with their genitals, and they would say that they did not like it.

The article also detailed an investigation by the Department of Children’s Affairs and Criminal Justice Services into the case.

The Department of Social Protection has now closed its investigation into the matter.

The story, entitled ‘Trouble at the beach: How two young girls were sexually exploited’ was published on Wednesday, January 10, 2017.

It described the girls as ‘beautiful and innocent’ who were at home alone on the beach.

It was reported that they had been sexually abused for a long time by a man and his friends.

The article said they had not reported the abuse to authorities, although the girls told the journalist they had.

The boys had previously been in contact with the police and the girl’s father had spoken to the gardaí.

The paper said the girls had been given a number of options for how to report the abuse.

One of the options was to take photographs of the men and share them online.

The report described how the girls were given an opportunity to tell their story on Facebook and Twitter.

They did so, but were told that the men were ‘not welcome’ and they had to ‘keep quiet’.

One of the girls wrote on Facebook: ‘I just want to say I can’t believe this is happening to us.

We were never abused, never harmed, just scared, we never asked, we were never scared of them, they never hurt us, and we are just so scared of how they are going to do this to us if we do say anything.’

In another Facebook post, the girl wrote: ‘This man is not who he says he is, he is not even my father.

He did not even know what he did to us and we never spoke to him or our mum.

We just want him to be ashamed and we want the world to know what happened.’

The report also detailed a police investigation into two separate incidents of sexual abuse.

In both cases, the boys were told to remain silent and not speak to anyone.

One of them wrote on his Facebook page: ‘We are in hiding, we don’t want to be found.

We want to live like normal people, not hide behind a screen.

We need to tell the truth, to let the world know how we feel.

Please don’t come back to us because we will not listen to you.’

In the second incident, which happened in August 2017, the girls took their case to the Irish Independent’s Children’s Commission, which launched a full investigation into their case.

The Commission’s director, Mónica Feltz, said the case was a very serious issue and that the investigation was taking time.

She said that the girls ‘are still dealing with the trauma of what they experienced.’

She said it was very difficult for the children to be able to talk about what happened to them, especially if they were scared or traumatised.’

It is not the first time a child has been sexually exploited, so it is not surprising that a number have come forward and asked to be included in this report,’ she said.’

They are also the most vulnerable of all children, and need the most support.’

She added that she hoped the report would help the children’s families and the community understand the ‘complex and complex’ nature of the problem.

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