How to make a sex chocolate with Timothee Chammaet

Timotheel Chammaeet, the artist behind the iconic chocolate-covered sculpture of a man’s genitals, died on Sunday.

The sculpture, made of wood, was one of the world’s first known works of art to depict male genitalia.

Chammaette, who died at age 93, had been in hospice care since May 2015 after suffering a stroke and having surgery on his left penis, according to his grandson, Robert Chamma.

“He was a good man,” Robert Chammas told CNN.

Chammas, who was born in Paris, was known for his works of sex sculpture.

The chocolatier was best known for creating sculptures of male genital organs in the 1960s and 1970s.

In his last years, Chammaé was known to work in the fields of art and science, and was also a member of the French Socialist Party.

Chammeet’s body was found in a park in the southern French city of Le Havre on Sunday evening, according with the French news site BFMTV.

The French news agency AFP reported that Chammaes family did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Chammes works have been displayed in museums around the world.

Chammère, who also worked in art and the sciences, was a pioneer in the field of erotic art.

In 1961, he designed and created the first erotic sculptures, a series of sculptures called Le Ville des Lumières.

Chamamaet was also known for making other erotic sculptures such as the Le Vérité de l’Anière and La Femme en Femme.

The sculptures are still in use in museums across the world today.

Chammandes sculptures have been featured in many museums, including the Louvre and the Louvain museum in Belgium.

“In the 20th century, Chammande’s art had a tremendous impact on many art forms,” said Jean-François Duret, professor of art history at the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

“His work is the most influential in the art world.”

Chammaét was born Jan. 25, 1929 in Paris to a French-Jewish mother and German-Jewish father.

His family fled to the Soviet Union in 1938 when the Nazis seized power in the country.

After his father died, Chammeé moved to Germany to escape persecution.

Chammert moved to Paris in 1940.

He met the sculptor and photographer Marcel Guggenheim while they were both studying at the École des Beaux Arts.

Chammedes work is sometimes described as a “sexual chocolate,” but the sculpture has no actual sexual content.

He created his own chocolate and later sold it to his son, who is now the museum director.

In 1951, Chammette moved to the United States, where he created a nude sculpture called the Véra du Monde.

He died in the early 1960s, and his remains were moved to a tomb in France.

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