How the GOP’s rape hoax story was a complete lie

When the GOP establishment and the media started going after Trump for his alleged sexual misconduct, it was because they thought he would make a good candidate.

This was because the Republican Party’s establishment and its media were built around the notion that men were naturally more predatory than women, and that women were naturally less capable of sexual gratification.

The Republicans were so obsessed with the idea that women could not, that they began to fabricate stories about sexual misconduct.

They fabricated stories about Trump allegedly groping women.

They invented stories about women wanting to kill Trump.

They even invented stories that Trump was raping women.

Now, we have proof that these are all lies.

Trump was never a rapist.

But he has been the victim of a hoax.

When the Trump campaign released the “Access Hollywood” tape, it helped the GOP regain the election.

The Republican establishment was so shocked that a woman had the audacity to make this kind of claim, that it immediately jumped on it.

It immediately started the whole “Trump is a rapist” narrative.

This is what the GOP did when it got Trump to release the tape.

It created the impression that he was a rapist, and they then started pushing the idea in the media that Trump’s behavior was actually predatory.

They then went after Trump, because the Trump voters are so convinced of the truth of the GOP narrative that they were willing to go out and vote for a man who had sexually assaulted them.

This happened so quickly because the media had already lied about Trump, and the Republican establishment had already made it look like Trump had behaved inappropriately.

And the Republicans were able to do that because of the rape hoax.

But this is the story that has been used as an excuse to justify Trump’s sexual misconduct since at least the 1980s.

The GOP invented this rape hoax to cover up their crimes against women.

Republicans in Congress have said that if women had told their stories about the rape, they would have been investigated.

They have claimed that Trump would have received a sentence of up to 15 years in prison.

This story has been fed to the public by right-wing media, the right-leaning outlets like Breitbart News and Fox News.

The rape hoax has been a huge part of the Republican narrative.

But the Republican lie about Trump’s alleged sexual assaults has actually been used to justify his actions.

This rape hoax was never used to defend the Republicans from their crimes.

The only reason the rape myth was ever invented was because of Trump’s rape of a young woman.

And that young woman is a woman who went to the GOP headquarters to tell the GOP that she had experienced sexual harassment by Trump and the men around him.

The story was that the young woman had been sexually harassed and had a sexual relationship with Trump.

The young woman’s story was also a lie, because she was lying.

The right-thinking media immediately started to jump on the rape story, but it was really the lie that they invented to cover their crimes in the 1980, 1990s.

This wasn’t just about the fact that women didn’t come forward with their allegations against Trump.

This allegation was a lie that the right wing media used to make it look as if there were some kind of conspiracy among Republicans against Trump and that the Republicans had been conspiring against him.

And this was the reason that Trump got away with all this.

The lies that were told about Trump and about his alleged crimes were so egregious that even some Republicans came to believe them.

But what the media never told the American people was that this is all part of a broader conspiracy against the Republican party and the Trump voter base.

The whole point of the “rape hoax” narrative is to destroy Trump.

It was designed to destroy him, and it worked.

The media has now tried to discredit the claims of sexual misconduct that are made by these women, but they have not done so in the same way.

The lie that is being told about these women is that Trump sexually harassed them.

And now the Republicans have used this story to paint Trump as a monster, a rapist and a misogynist.

But there is another story that they have been telling about the alleged sexual harassment that they claim to have experienced.

This one is much more insidious.

The “rape myth” was used to deflect from the sexual harassment claims that women made against Trump by framing it as something that happened when he was an adult.

But in fact, there are many stories that women told about men in their 20s and 30s that have not been told about Donald Trump.

And these women have told stories that have been proven false by other women who were also sexually harassed by men in that same age group.

So, this rape myth is a lie.

And in the case of women who have alleged that Trump harassed them in the 1990s, they were not telling the truth.

The fact that this rape-hoax story was invented to deflect attention from these women and to deflect criticism from the Republican base and the GOP is an example of the kind of distortion and fabrication

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