‘I hate gay men, but I’m gay, too’: ‘I don’t think you can be straight and gay at the same time’

An Australian woman says she hates gay men but “doesn’t think we can be gay at one time”.

“I’m so scared of being gay, and I hate gay people,” she said.

“It’s not fair.

I hate to be called a faggot, I hate being called a sissy, I’m so disgusted.

I just want to be normal.”

She was a single mother of two and has struggled with mental health issues since her teenage years.

Ms Cope has been in therapy and counselling for more than a decade.

“I can see now that I was the person I was before,” she told The ABC.

“I’m just a gay person now and I don’t feel any different, I don of course feel it.”

It’s just about coming to terms with that, it’s not about being gay.

I’m straight.

“Ms Coe has become a social media sensation after sharing her experience in a Facebook post.”

Today I was walking to the store and I was confronted by a man, he just came up to me and said, ‘Hi, I like gay men’ and I just looked up and just got shocked.

“He said ‘oh, I think you’re gay’ and then he went on to talk to me about being straight.”

In 2014, Ms Cone was bullied by her school mates for being gay and has since changed her outlook.

“One of my teachers actually told me to go and look at a gay porn, which I did,” she explained.

“When I came out, my school friends got very angry and said that it was bullying and that I should get out.”

So I just sat and stared at them and they said, what are you talking about?

They didn’t know anything.

I mean, it was really hard for me to accept that it wasn’t something that I could accept.

“Ms Cope said her therapist and counsellor have since become “friends” and the pair now support each other.”

My therapist and my counsellors were the best support that I’ve ever had in my life and they have been amazing, so they’re really my best friends and they’ve been my best support, really,” she continued.”

They’re also the best friends that I have.

“Ms Dolan said her experience is not unique.”

A lot of people in our society, and in the gay community, I feel that we just need to embrace that and just get on with it, because this is who we are and it’s just not going to change,” she added.

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