How to avoid sexual harassment and sexual assault

I’ve heard a lot of advice lately to not let sexual harassment or sexual assault happen to you.

And it’s all pretty good advice.

But the truth is that it’s actually not that simple.

There are a few ways to avoid being the victim of harassment or assault.

But they all depend on you, and their effectiveness depends on how many people around you are on the same wavelength with them.

So, what are the most effective ways to prevent or lessen sexual harassment, and when to confront it?

The following are some of the most common methods of harassment and assault that people have heard over and over again.


Stay out of your space The simplest way to avoid having to defend yourself is to not be in the same room as the harasser.

That’s right.

This is the most powerful tactic of all.

The reason why is that being in the room with the harassers can be incredibly traumatic, so it’s a really important thing to avoid.

And the worst thing that can happen is to have a conversation with someone that you don’t want to have.

It’s important to recognize the people who are harassing you and the harm they are causing, but it’s important also to know that you aren’t alone.

You can help each other avoid this kind of experience by staying out of the same area.

In fact, this is one of the best ways to minimize the impact of harassment.

You’re not alone, and there are many others who are.

Just be aware of what’s happening and where you are in the conversation.

But be mindful of how much attention you are giving to the harasses.

If you see them walking by, or they’re approaching you, or you’re speaking to them in a friendly way, then it’s likely they’re interested in talking to you about something.

They might even be genuinely interested in hearing more.

If they’re not interested, you can’t blame them.

And if they’re being rude, or aggressive, or confrontational, or mean, or sexist, or whatever you’re seeing in that room, then you’re likely not alone.

There’s a lot more to the conversation than just talking.

Sometimes it can feel awkward.

And some people may find it uncomfortable.

But if you are a person who is uncomfortable in a group, or who is feeling uncomfortable, then that’s okay.

That can be a great thing to do, because it gives you an opportunity to ask questions and explore your ideas about the situation.

This can be especially helpful if you’re in a position of power.

It can help you recognize the behavior of others in a room that you’re uncomfortable with.


Stay calm and don’t act aggressively or defensively If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, it’s probably time to call someone else in.

In other words, you might need to take a break from your own conversation and move on.

You need to let go of that sense of anxiety, and your sense of powerlessness.

You may not have any power at all right now, and the only way to stop that is to call for help.

You could call for someone to help you.

Or you could call your boss.

Or someone in your community.

It really doesn’t matter how you do this, but the key is to stay calm and ask for help, and not to act aggressively.

This doesn’t mean you have to be confrontational or that you have no right to defend your position.

The truth is, you may not want to confront anyone or even confront someone you’re not familiar with.

But you need to be very careful about how you react to someone who doesn’t seem to understand what you’re saying.

If someone is trying to intimidate you, it can be very hurtful.

If it feels like you’re being intimidated, that’s not a good thing.

And when you don ‘t have a choice, you need a way to diffuse the situation, without fighting.

This might be asking someone to stop talking to the person who you’re talking to, or asking them to step away.

If that’s all you can do, then stay calm.

You don’t need to fight.

If your body language or language is threatening, or if you act in a way that makes you feel unsafe, then there’s a good chance that someone else will step in and intervene.

There is a lot that happens when you have a conflict between two people who want to talk about a problem or have a disagreement.

And there are also many times when it’s not clear what to do.

Sometimes you need the help of someone else to help calm things down.

But in those situations, you want to be prepared to use all of the tools that are available to you, both in the moment and over time.

If there’s someone in the situation who can help, it would be good to do it.

But it’s also important to be clear that you need your own resources.

There aren’t many places to turn for support for dealing with situations like this.

So if you don

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