How do you describe ‘unicorn’ sexuality? Definition

Definition The term ‘unicorns’ is used to describe people who have never been sexually attracted to a human being, and therefore are sexually satisfied only with the thought of sex.

The term comes from the Greek word ‘unicola’, which means ‘flesh of a human’.

The term also means ‘uncontrollable lust’.

The definition of unicorn sexuality is controversial, as some have argued it could mean someone who is sexually attracted only to animals, and vice versa.

For example, one expert said it could refer to someone who does not want to be sexually attracted or attracted to people who are not humans.

But the term is also used to refer to people with a sexual orientation that is neither human nor animal, meaning they are sexual beings who do not feel sexually attracted towards the opposite sex.

It is unclear whether this definition applies to the likes of Caitlyn Jenner or any of the other members of the ‘unicameral sex’ who are often labelled ‘unicombros’ for their desire to be in love with someone of the opposite gender.

This is the definition of ‘unicorne’, the name given to a group of people who don’t feel attracted to either the opposite or the same sex.

Caitlyn is not one of these ‘unicoms’, and has been described by some as ‘unsexually attracted to both men and women’.

A more detailed explanation of ‘uncanny’ sexual experiences can be found on the Sex, Love & Marriage section of Fox News.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Jenner explained her sexuality: ‘I’m attracted to men.

I love women.

I don’t have an issue with any of them.

I’m attracted, like, to guys.

I like them.

But I’m not attracted to, like… animals.

So, I’m very lucky that I’m able to live my life the way I want to live it and I’m happy with that.

‘It’s very important for me to be able to be myself and be who I want, and I love being myself.

I’ve never really thought about what the definition is of unicorns.

‘I am a very open-minded person, and the word unicorn is not a word that I would ever use.

So it’s just a word I use when I’m talking about my sexuality.

‘If people think I’m being coy about it, I mean, they’re being incredibly wrong.

It’s not like, ‘I don’t like you.

You’re too cute and everything.’

‘I do not like people who do this.

I hate it.

And I think it’s a big mistake.

And it’s not just because of how I feel about it.

‘So I’m just going to say it, and let the people make the decision, and whatever they think.’

ABC News Online’s Amanda Walsh reports from Las Vegas.

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