Kirsten Stewart says she would be ‘sexually offended’ if a ‘unicorn’ was elected President

Kirsten Strossen has been vocal in her support of Hillary Clinton.

But she is not the only celebrity to have expressed a lack of support for the former secretary of state.

Here are the celebrities who have spoken out in support of Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump.

(Victoria Walker/The Washington Post)Kirsten Stewart said she would have a problem if a “unicorn” were elected PresidentDonald Trump has been called “a man of many talents” and “a great negotiator” by Stewart’s ex-husband.

(Jorge Ribas/Reuters)Kurt Cobain, the musician, once said he would be “sexually disgusted” if the president of the United States was a woman.

(AP)In a tweet in August 2017, Cobain said he wouldn’t vote for Trump “unless he had a penis” and would vote for Clinton because “I like her vagina”.

(Reuters)Kate Moss once described Donald Trump as “a bit like the Hulk” and said he was “really kind of a big boy” when asked about his past sexual exploits.

(ABC News)A few weeks before he announced his candidacy for president, Trump said he’d be willing to take a “big hit” for his past comments about women, including his comments about a woman in a 1990 Playboy interview.

(Reuters/Carolyn Kaster)Jennifer Lopez, a singer and former model, has also said she wouldn’t support Trump, but said she’d vote for him in 2020.

(NBC News)”I have never had sex with anyone, ever,” Lopez said in October 2017.

“I’ve never even kissed a woman.”

(The Associated Press)”Liz Markle and Donald Trump are like my biological children,” a model and actor, Michael Jackson, once told the Today Show.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say that’s a bit of a stretch.

(And) I would think they were having a child.”

(Today)”If you’re going to be president of a country, you better be a man of some talent,” Trump said in April 2018.

(CNN)In an interview with CNN in February 2018, Trump called Kim Kardashian a “fat, ugly, ugly piece of trash” and a “whore.”

(CNN/ABC News TV)Donald Trump told NBC News’ Matt Lauer that he’d “never” ever kiss a woman without her consent.

(C-SPAN)Actor David Oyelowo told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Trump is “the ultimate bully.”

(CNBC)And now there’s Madonna, who recently said she could support Trump.

She said in a tweet that she’d “like to know who his dad is, because I’m not afraid of him.”

(Reuters, ABC News)On Tuesday, Madonna said she “would support Trump for president.”

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)”You never know who he’ll be,” Madonna said in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

in October 2018.

“But, you know, he’s a very, very talented man.

He’s a great guy.

I mean, I respect him, I love him, and I’d like to know what his dad’s name is.

I’m really looking forward to that.”

(NBC)”Donald Trump is a real, great man, and he’s going to bring some real good things to this country,” Madonna told People magazine in June 2018.

Madonna was the first celebrity to endorse Clinton in November 2016, when she gave the former first lady a glowing review.

(Charlie Neibergall/Associated Press)Bill Murray, the comedian, said Trump would “make America great again.”

(Viacom)Kylie Jenner, a model, actress and reality TV personality, told Entertainment Weekly in February that Trump was “a very handsome man.”

(CBS News)Bryan Cranston, a veteran actor and comedian, told the Hollywood Reporter that he would vote “yes” for Trump if he’s elected.

(Gothamist)Bill Cosby has said he will “vote yes” for the Republican candidate for president in 2020, although he has not yet announced his vote.

(The Hollywood Reporter)And then there’s Kanye West.

West told TMZ that he is “very pro-Trump” and has a “huge love for Trump.”

(TMZ)”He’s a genius.

I think he’s the most intelligent person in the world,” West told the website.

“It’s not easy being president, but he’s smart, and that’s what I like about him.”

West’s endorsement of Trump in October is the first time West has publicly endorsed Clinton.

West is also not the first comedian to endorse Trump.

Last year, the “Saturday Night Live” actor and host Robin Williams said Trump is someone “who is a very intelligent man, who

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