Which is the most famous bear emoji?

We asked our readers to choose the most iconic bear emoji to find out.

Here are the results:1.

Bear, in a bear suit and bowtie, walking on the forest floor2.

Bear in a gorilla costume and cape, carrying a toy or toy bag, and carrying a child3.

Bear wearing a bear mask and mask, with a baby on the left4.

Bear and child, with baby on left shoulder5.

Bear holding a toy, with children on both sides6.

Bear on a toy plane, holding a child on his shoulder7.

Bear with baby, holding baby on his left side8.

Bear eating a bear, with kids on both shoulders9.

Bear playing a video game, with child on left side10.

Bear climbing a tree, with kid on left front11.

Bear sitting on a tree and playing a game12.

Bear jumping in a lake, with babies on both fronts13.

Bear swimming, with toddler on left, holding toddler on right14.

Bear riding a bike, with toddlers on left and right15.

Bear at a wedding, with adults and children in front of him16.

Bear dancing, with little children in the background17.

Bear chasing a mouse, with parents on both left and front18.

Bear taking a bath, with family members on both front and rear19.

Bear enjoying a hot chocolate with his family, with some family members sitting on chairs in the middle20.

Bear drinking a hot beverage, with several family members drinking a cup21.

Bear relaxing at home with a toy on the table, with many family members enjoying it22.

Bear walking around, with no one around23.

Bear watching a movie, with multiple people watching24.

Bear sleeping, with his parents on the couch25.

Bear standing up on a table, holding up a book26.

Bear using a book as a pillow, with book lying on table27.

Bear looking out of window, with people watching him28.

Bear running around, without people around29.

Bear moving around, looking for food30.

Bear exploring a forest, with few people around31.

Bear driving around, driving slowly, without anyone around32.

Bear reading a book, with everyone in the house looking at him33.

Bear fishing, with only his wife looking at the screen34.

Bear making love to a cute girl, with wife looking on35.

Bear cleaning up, without any of his family looking35.

Bears family, all in one spot, watching the show36.

Bear putting on his clothes, without his wife showing up37.

Birds, all flying around, all together38.

Bear singing a song, with birds singing at the top39.

Breathing, with all people inhaling40.

Bear having a hard time breathing, with breathing difficulty41.

Bubble gum, with one person looking at it42.

Babies, with both parents looking at each other43.

Bugs, all biting people, without babies44.

Bear doing a flip, without baby being harmed45.

Bear throwing a rock, without a boulder being hit46.

Bunny, with cute little bunny in front47.

Boat, with boat full of water, with fish floating around48.

Bamboo, with bamboo and water all around49.

Bicycle, with the wheels turned off50.

Bird, with bird perched on the tree51.

Dog, with dog barking52.

Dog walking, with dogs and people in the street53.

Bunch of kids, in the living room54.

Bag, with bags in front and back of a house55.

Baby, holding her own baby56.

Bathtub, with water pouring in from the faucet57.

Bucket, with bucket full of faucets flowing into the tub58.

Buddy, with someone looking at you59.

Birdcage, with person looking in bird cage60.

Baby sitting on top of baby, baby on top61.

Barking dog, with owner barking in the distance62.

Baby with big head, with large head on a baby63.

Baby laughing, with big laughter in the foreground64.

Baby crying, with crying babies65.

Baby holding a baby, with mom on top66.

Baby jumping, with jumpers jumping on top67.

Baby on top, with mother on top68.

Baby being carried by baby69.

Baby riding a bicycle, with bike on a leash70.

Baby in a car, with car driver on the side71.

Baby standing on a car seat, with driver on side72.

Baby leaning against a tree73.

Baby hugging a friend74.

Baby walking on a bike wearing a bike helmet, with dad in front75.

Baby playing with a ball, with ball on the ground76.

Baby eating a bag of popcorn77.

Baby doing push-ups, with popsicles in hand78.

Baby singing a ballad, with singer singing in the front79.

Baby enjoying a meal, with dinner

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