Irish police investigating ‘furious’ transgender activist over alleged assault

An activist from the transgender community in Ireland is under investigation for allegedly assaulting a police officer after an alleged incident in March, police said on Tuesday.

Timothee Chamalet, 25, is suspected of assaulting a man who was trying to apprehend him from the city of Ballymun, police in the city’s west said in a statement.

Chamalet has been detained pending the outcome of the investigation, the statement said.

“She is currently under investigation and is not currently part of the Police Service of Ireland,” it said.

It added that the incident happened on March 10 and that Chamalets alleged victim was a police employee.

A police spokesperson said police had not received any complaints about ChamalET from the public.

Champet, who lives in the north-eastern city of Limerick, has been active in the transgender and feminist community since joining the Irish Transgender Alliance in 2010, the organisation said.

Champs name is Timo, she said in an interview.

“I was not a man when I was born and I’m not a woman anymore.

It was my life’s journey, my journey to get to where I am now,” she told the Irish Times in January.”

It was not my choice, I didn’t know what to do with myself and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be when I grew up.”

The first thing I did was I started to dress and I felt that was the beginning of the beginning for me.

I was a girl, but I was so much more than that.

I felt like I had something to give.

“She was then asked if she wanted to become a woman.

Chamber, who is also the director of the Transgender Alliance, said she was inspired to join after watching a documentary about transgender people and began talking to a therapist.”

One of the people who came to the clinic and told me was a transgender woman who came from a family that didn’t accept her,” she said.”[The therapist] said she could understand why people might be angry and hurt, but that there was something in me that wanted to change, to be a woman.

“Chamalaet said the therapist also told her the clinic would be a safe space for trans people to talk about their lives.

She said she had been told by other transgender people that they were being harassed, but she felt the clinic was a safe place to discuss her identity.”

A lot of trans people, they don’t want to talk to the police, they have to leave the premises,” she explained.”

They don’t feel safe in their own home, they’re afraid of the police coming to the door and being harassed by the transgender people, or by the police themselves.

“People don’t really understand why they’re being harassed.

It’s not just a woman’s issue.

It affects trans people.”

Champs said she wanted the clinic to be seen as a place where trans people could come to talk, share their stories and help each other.

“We don’t have a safe environment for us to come together and to share our stories,” she added.

“But it was the right place for us.

I wanted it to be inclusive, not just for trans women but also for other trans people and for trans activists and people of colour and people who are struggling to be accepted.”

The Transgender Alliance said Chamalett was not welcome at its Dublin headquarters, where its volunteers work.

“Timo is currently being held at the Dublin Police Service,” it added.

“We are appealing for the public’s assistance in identifying Timo so she can be removed from the premises.”

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