Which sexual orientations are sexual misconduct?

Newsweek magazine is reporting that a survey of 500 men and women found that the majority of respondents “suspected” of sexual misconduct are men.

According to Newsweek, “about four in five said they suspected of sexual harassment in the past year” and one in three said they “sought to report the issue to the police because they believe it will be difficult to do so.”

Among those surveyed, more than a third of those surveyed said they thought men are more likely to report sexual misconduct, while another third said they felt they “needed to know that there are consequences for their actions.”

The survey was conducted in April of this year by a nonprofit organization called The Sexual Assault Center of New York, and the results were published this week in The Atlantic.

The study was sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and conducted by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research.

The Institute for women’s policy research was created by Bill & Melinda Clinton in 2008 to “address issues of gender equity and sexual violence,” according to the foundation.

The study was conducted to address the widespread perception that women are the victims of sexual assault.

“Many women have been told they are victims of rape and sexual assault, but their experience is not as bad as it seems,” said Jennifer A. Buell, the executive director of The Sexual Abuse Center of America.

“The results of this survey indicate that there is an even greater reluctance to report a sexual assault than is usually recognized.”

Among the findings of the survey were that:1) Of those surveyed who said they had been the victim of sexual violence in the previous 12 months, only one in five reported that they “expected it would be difficult or impossible to do” so.2) Of the men surveyed, one in six said they expected they would be “very reluctant to report it” and another in 10 said they believed “it will be very difficult or difficult to get justice” from the justice system.3) Of men surveyed who reported sexual harassment, almost one in 10 (9 percent) said they believe “that the person committing the harassment will be held responsible” and nearly one in four (26 percent) felt that the person “will likely be able to be prosecuted.”4) Among the women surveyed, a majority (57 percent) of those who reported having been sexually harassed said they feared that they would “face retaliation.”

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