What the Italian media is saying about the Juventus players who won’t wear the new Juventus shorts

It’s not uncommon for footballers in Serie A to have their shorts torn off in the warm summer months.

But it is not unusual for them to also have their hair cut short.

But that has not happened to Juventus players.

The players who are refusing to change their shorts for the new season have been branded as “sexist” and “disgusting”. 

In the Italian edition of Corriere della Sera, which is owned by the Corriero newspaper, the players have been referred to as “sexual bases” and called “sexualised”. 

The article, which can be read here, is entitled “Juventus players: Why not?”

The article begins with an image of a woman wearing a short skirt and a top, while a man wears a top. 

“I want to make it clear: it is the players’ own choice, and no one else should be forced to live with this kind of behaviour,” the article reads.

“In the coming weeks, the Juventus president will decide whether to renew the contract of the players.” 

The players who have been given the boot are described as “lonely, isolated, and insecure”. 

“In the last five years, the team has lost two of its best players, Gennaro Gattuso and Andrea Pirlo.

It is not easy for us to find motivation, but we have to,” the team says. 

The Italian edition then goes on to describe the players as “disgruntled”. 

And then it goes on about the “sexism” of the “sexual base”. 

“[T]he term sexual base is used to describe a person who feels entitled to the same respect and respect is given to other people.

Sexual base is a term that is used by the press, by the media, by some players, and also by other people,” the newspaper says.

“They have used it in a negative way, but they also said it when it was positive.” 

“This is an expression of a lack of trust, a lack in communication, a weakness of mind,” the Italian version continues.

“And then the sexual base comes up again.

It’s just another way to describe an insecure and lonely person.” 

A statement by the Italian FA reads: “There is no room for discrimination.

We will not allow the sexualisation of players, nor any kind of harassment. 

As a matter of principle, the FA is a non-political organisation that respects the dignity of all its members.

The association is committed to a positive culture and the protection of human rights.” 

In an interview with L’Equipe, Juve’s president Giorgio Chiellini said that he had been approached by the players about the shorts after they refused to change the shorts, but that they refused his offer to change them for the season.

“They said, ‘If you want to wear shorts, go ahead, but not in the middle of the pitch.

We’re going to play like it is against Barcelona’,” Chielli said.

“I said: ‘If they want to play football, go for it.

You can wear shorts but not on the pitch.’

He said: “Then we’ll talk.’ 

“And we went to a club where the players had been playing, and I said: ‘We have to talk to the coach’.

They said:’You have to go for the dressing room.

You have to come back with your shorts and change your shorts.’

So I said to the players: ‘I have a message for you, I’ve had a lot of discussions with you.’ 

Chiellinis’ comments follow a similar one made by the Juventus coach last week, when he described the shorts as “a symbol of the fact that we have a strong culture in Juve”.”

The shorts are a symbol of a strong, positive, proud culture.

We need them because they are our pride,” Chiello said. 

On Monday, the club’s president said that the club would consider changing the shorts of any players who did not comply with their demands. 

At the end of the interview, the president said he would make a decision on whether or not to renew his contract in the coming days. 

 Juventus is set to play Barcelona in the Champions League final on Thursday night. 

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