You can get help for yourself with sexual abuse: Memes

You can use memes to get some help, especially if you’re not a big fan of using them to support your case.

We all know memes are effective.

Here are some memes you might like.


‘It’s just a girl’ is not a meme – the original one by Tasha Fox, posted by Tumblr user BumBaMumDance.


‘What you need to know about sexual abuse is that it’s a lot like bullying’ – the first one by Tumblr blogger Cate Lees, posted on Twitter by Twitter user julie_soul.


‘I was bullied by a boy, but I am not ashamed to admit that I also was sexually abused by my father’ – a meme by Tumblr artist Lillium that has since been deleted.


‘You shouldnt be ashamed of what you did.

You should be ashamed that you are still alive’ – another meme by TashyFox.


‘The worst thing I’ve ever done was masturbate in front of my kids, I’m sorry.’

– a Tumblr meme by the name of ‘Shitposting’ by Tumblr writer @tam_michal.


‘This is what you need in your life to feel normal’ – by Tumblr tweeter @bud_nolz.


‘Every day is your birthday.

Don’t give it up’ – ‘the most popular meme on Twitter at the moment’ by Twitter meme user @pauls_fisher.


‘Everyone has a story, everyone has a life’ – an old meme by Twitter users @pix_a_duck and @fuzzypants.


‘Do you have a friend that you would like to share a life with?’

– another Tumblr meme titled ‘My Story’, which has since had its account deleted.

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