Which are the most popular sex toys?

The Australian Financial Survey found that, in 2016, sexuality had been the biggest topic of conversation amongst people who reported they were interested in becoming sexually active.More than two-thirds of respondents had had sex at some point in their lives, and more than half of them had experienced sexual pleasure.There were also more women than

Kirsten Stewart says she would be ‘sexually offended’ if a ‘unicorn’ was elected President

Kirsten Strossen has been vocal in her support of Hillary Clinton.But she is not the only celebrity to have expressed a lack of support for the former secretary of state.Here are the celebrities who have spoken out in support of Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump.(Victoria Walker/The Washington Post)Kirsten Stewart said she would have a problem if

Why you should stop watching Mejores Posiciones Sexual Posicionos

The term ‘Mejores’ means ‘love’ in Spanish, and a Spanish singer named Kristen Stewart, who sings in the band Mejias Posicionados, was one of the most popular of her generation.But she’s been accused of sexual innenendo and other vulgarity, including being called ‘candy’ and ‘gorgeous’.Kristen Stewart is accused of using ‘cannibalistic language’ in a song,

When you’re in love with someone, the more important your feelings are, the less you care about the rest of your life

By now, you’ve probably heard the story of Kristen Stewart, the young actress whose life and career took off during the 2010s.As the most famous star in the world, Stewart had the rare ability to captivate millions with her performance in the hit TV show Girls and her groundbreaking work in films like American Hustle

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